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Natural Soy Candles made in New Hampshire

The Earth is our home, we are all guardians of our Planet. The Blazing Candle Company cares deeply about our environment and protecting our Planet for future generations. We have strived to make the greenest, environmentally friendly, sustainable, healthy, carcinogen and toxin free candles for you and for our Planet. All our natural soy candles are hand poured one at a time here in the beautiful State of New Hampshire. Our candles are made from only 100% sustainable Soy Wax sourced from US farmers. We use only high-quality essential-oil infused fragrance-oils that are non carcinogenic and Phthalate free. The wicks used in our natural soy candles are all cotton in our mason jar collection and wooden wicks in our New Hampshire Inspired Collection. All our wicks content no zinc or lead. No chemicals, stabilizers or synthetic dyes are added to our candles. All candles are made in New Hampshire.

About Our New Hampshire Inspired Collection

Our New Hampshire inspired soy candles have beautiful photographs taken by Mark Bedard Photography, then printed on the candle label. Each candle label will feature a different scenic photograph from all around the spectacular State of New Hampshire and a premium scent to match that special spot the photo was taken. As the seasons change, so will our gallery of candle containers. Although all season scents are available all year round.

COMING SOON: Keepsake candle jars with the iconic photo infused onto the container that will make lasting keepsake jar to use for anything you wish.

Blazing Candle Company

Blazing Graphics and Gifts designer Mark Bedard Hello, my name is Mark Bedard founder of Blazing Candle Company created in 2016. I was looking for something that people would use and enjoy, and also would made a great gift for any occasion. I came up with the idea of making a personalized photo jar candles that would be sustainable, eco-friendly, renewable, carbon neutral and American grown.

I personally created the fomula, and hand-pour each batch of candles myself here in New Hampshire. So please check out my website, find an amazing smelling soy candle to try out, and if the candle amazes you, please come back, tells us what you think. Also if there is a candle scent you like and its not here, tell us about it, and we will look into adding it to our collection.

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