Candle Care

Burning your candle for the first time

Burning your Candles: Soy wax is known as a memory wax. Burning your candle correctly the first time helps avoid the soy wax from tunneling down the center of the jar.

To get the best scent throw from your candle, you want to avoid having your candle tunnel. It is important to allow your soy candle to create a correct initial memory burn, by burning it long enough to create a full melt pool* of wax.

Doing this helps to stop it from tunneling and increases your candle's scent throw. We recommend that you burn your candle at a minimum of at least one hour for each inch diameter.

For our 12 oz. decor jar with a 3-inch diameter, we recommend a minimum of at least 3 hours of burning time to create a full melt pool.*

*A full melt pool means liquid wax can be seen all the way around the jar.

How to Safely Enjoy your Soy Candle

1. Don’t touch or move your candle while it is burning or hot.

2. Keep an eye on your candle – never leave a candle burning where you cannot see it and burn it no longer than 4 hours at a time.

3. Make sure you candle is clear of anything that can catch fire. Burning your candle is a draft-free area, keeps your candle from burning unevenly and helps to prolong the life of your candle because it will burn slower.

4. Never extinguish your candle with water.

5. Watch your wick – we use self-trimming wicks but make sure it is only ¼ of an inch long before relighting it every time.

6. Keep your Candle out of Reach of Children & Animals.